Ngoc Tran – Nano –

NANO – an exhibition of miniature landscape paintings in oil by Ngoc Tran

The exhibition runs Nov 2 – 17 November. The gallery is open Fri, Sat, Sun 10am – 5pm or you are welcome to call 0401 797 746 to make an appointment.

Please join us for the launch event Saturday Nov 2nd 2 – 8 pm.

NANO allows the audience to pause quietly and look closely at works created with meticulous skill. Ngoc’s artistic expression is reflected in the patience and concentration of creating miniature art. Her steady hand and attention to detail invite the viewer to come closer and peer into her enchanting tiny world.

Artist statement
Over the years I have been inspired and intrigued with working in a smaller scale. From a distance you can see the big picture but the miniature demands closer scrutiny. In my landscapes I am looking for minutiae of detail, care in execution, the ability to produce an object of beauty which can be held in the hand, composition, colour and balance, all very important to me but there has to be that indefinable extra something.

My landscape painting is meticulously executed, containing layer upon layer of marks. I have achieved the intricate detail of each work with the use of extremely fine specialty brushes while working under a magnifying glass.

My works explore the large scale that the natural world is and represent the beauty in a much smaller scale. This gives the viewer a more personal perspective and puts them in the whole picture without an overwhelming sense of being lost in a noisy world.

My work invites, even encourages the viewer to come closer into my world. I find working with painting miniature landscapes is enchanting and addictive. It requires great concentration, patience, and a very steady hand and of course the desire to subject oneself to these additional burdens solely for the purpose of creating the art on a smaller scale has its rewards in the finish.

The landscape represents calmness, relaxation and seclusion in my everyday life, where often too many of these elements are missing. I find creating art a process that brings some measure of peace to me, a necessary renewing and recharging that enables me to get out of bed to face the challenges of each day.

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