New works by Christie Torrington
March 1 – 16 2013

Christie Torrington’s latest solo show invites you to gaze through the looking glass & step into the crystal realm.
This collection of new works takes inspiration from minerals, geology & crystallography. Torrington’s illustrative drawings playfully explore crystal structure by abstracting elements of various geological compositions. Her treatment of the subject affects our perception of scale – the context of the object is lost. Are we viewing a tiny cluster of crystals the size of a pebble, or a celestial body, a planet or a giant asteroid?

Torrington states: ‘An ongoing visual research into crystals & mineral structure has informed these illustrations. Beyond any interpretation of new age theories about crystal properties, healing powers or other such beliefs, crystals have held a fascination for me since I was a child. Unlike many other objects from nature that are composed of organic shapes, mineral crystals are angular & sharp, constructed from hard lines & straight edges. Consequently their appearance is easier to relate to architectural structures, obelisks & other man made constructs. Taking them out of context allows us to view them as objects of indefinable size, as specimens of mysterious design, created in the secret underground caverns of our earth.’

Macroscope is the latest body of work from Torrington, completed using watercolor, ink, salt & felt tip pen on archival paper. The works on show were created by the artist between March 2012 ‘ March 2013.

Christie Torrington is a Sydney based visual artist & illustrator. She graduated from the College Of Fine Arts with Honors (class 1) in 2003. Since this time she has exhibited widely in Australia & internationally in the U.S., Japan & New Zealand. This is her 4th Solo exhibition. Her delicate illustrative style is enhanced by her unique vision of the world.

Click here and here to see Christie’s work