NEW WORLDS by Christie Torrington

1 – 17 May 2015
Opening Night: 7pm-10pm, Fri 1 May, 2015

NEW WORLDS is a collection of works on paper exploring the realms of science, fantasy, astronomy & geology.

Torrington’s latest works evoke the ethereal nature of sci-fi art, combining collage techniques with skilful mimicry to confuse the eye & create new landscapes from old. Incorporating collage, watercolour & drawing techniques, Torrington intentionally blurs the line between lost & found, light & dark, reality & fiction. These new worlds transcend traditional representations of fantasy and reality ‘ stirring lost memories and creating imaginary universes.

@ Newsagency Gallery
332 Stanmore Rd Petersham, NSW 2049
Gallery hours: 10 am – 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Or by appointment: Bess O’Malley (gallery director),
+61 (2) 0401 797 746

Facebook: Christie made this